How do I lodge a claim if there is a natural disaster? 

If a natural disaster strikes and you have a Stylecover home insurance policy, you’ll also have cover through the Earthquake Commission’s EQCover programme.

EQCover gives you protection for damage caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, natural landslips, volcanic eruptions, hydrothermal activity, tsunamis and fires resulting from these natural disasters. It also covers your land for storm and flood damage.

From 1 July 2019 you will be entitled to EQCover of up to $150,000 (+ GST) for a residential building. If the damage to your home exceeds that amount, it’s called going over-cap. Your Stylecover home insurance will cover the rest of the costs subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, up to your sum insured.

EQCover excludes some parts of your property, such as driveways, fences, swimming pools or tennis courts. If you need to claim for these items, you will claim directly with the insurer.

For more information on the EQC, visit their website using the button below.